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Immune Boosting Foods For Kids

Add nuts to smoothies nut powder to parathas or porridge include nut butter in the childs diet nut butter on toast or with pancakes make energy balls with nuts and dates. To help your immune system McDaniel suggests aiming for ones that are high in vitamin C like citrus fruits strawberries bell peppers broccoli and sweet potatoes.

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2 Choose fresh or frozen blueberries strawberries or blackberries and add them to yogurt and oatmeal or eat them as a nourishing snack.

Immune boosting foods for kids

Immune boosting foods for kids

How to offer. It also contains the compound sulphur which has potent antioxidant. This nutrient aids the immune system by helping to produce white blood cells which fight bacteria.

If you want your family and especially your children to avoid a cold this winter season then you should be giving them zinc-rich foods. While protein is essential for keeping up strength zinc helps the white blood cells to fight against infection. Studies show that berries support of the immune system and beneficial gut microbiota.

A healthy immune response starts with a healthy diet. Different colors of. Immune-boosting foods and supplements.

Lentils and pulses are one of the top immunity boosting foods for kids as they are filled with protein fiber folate calcium magnesium zinc potassium various phytochemicals and many other polyphenolic compounds. 15 Sunflower Seeds Vitamin E Most kids like sunflower seeds so this is a great choice for a school lunch or after-school snack. One of the best ways to boost and strengthen your childs immune system is to give them garlic.

Fruit-filled smoothies are a great way to help your kids get nutrients that keep their bodies healthy especially during cold and flu season when we could all use a little boost. Ensuring your child gets the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables for their age group is key to maintaining a strong immune system. By eating a wide variety of seeds youll be getting vitamin E zinc and omega 3 fatty acids all of which help your immune system.

Sweet potato and carrots These veggies are top sources of beta carotene a precursor to vitamin A. Immune boosting foods for kids. 15 Foods That Boost the Immune System.

Serve your kids a variety of seeds such as pumpkin sunflower and flax seeds to boost their immune systems. This amazing food contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Experts arent entirely sure.

Garlic stimulates the immune cells and increases antibody production. All kids should be eating a rainbow of plants to ensure that they get a variety of nutrients. Not only are you providing immune protective foods but also helping maintain a healthy weight on the baby.

Throw them into your childs lunch or top their yogurt parfaits with them. These healthy smoothies contain two or more of the nutrients that their immune system needs to function properlyprotein vitamins A C and E and zinc. In this article we look at foods that can help to boost the immune system including turmeric ginger garlic kefir green tea and blueberries.

Trail mix is always a great snack that includes seeds. Medically reviewed by Amy Richter RD Written by James Schend Updated on April 30 2020. Courtesy of Alaska Seafood Wild salmon is filled with zinc a nutrient that has been proven to assist with reducing common cold symptoms.

Here is a detailed post on healthy fats for kids. It has dark chocolate granola mixed in with the yogurt other foods on this list so its super-packed with immune-boosting nutrition.

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