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Essential Oils For Feminine Health

Rosemary This is a fantastic oil for lots of different things. Chamomile would also blend well with the rose and lavender essential oils.

Essential Oils For Women S Health Proverbial Homemaker Womens Health How To Become Happy Essential Oils

A few other oils you can opt for instead are Rosemary or Tea Tree Oil.

Essential oils for feminine health

Essential oils for feminine health

Basil may not be the first oil you consider when choosing essential oils for womens health but its actually a very versatile oil that has many therapeutic properties. You will feel immediate results. Some essential oils with possible aphrodisiac effects for women include.

Thymol is a naturally occurring anti microbial including anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is found the essential oil of oregano. Antimicrobial oils include eucalyptus bergamot myrrh German chamomile rose sandalwood and tea tree. Soothes sore and tired muscles can be used in cooking.

Alongside oregano oil thyme contains compounds that inhibit the growth of Candida albicans. To help stop hot flashes and improve your menopause symptoms mix 3-4 drops of sage oil with a tablespoon of evening primrose oil. Evening primrose oil is one of the best carrier oils to use in essential oil blends for the menopause.

Eugenol is a liquid extracted from essential oils such as clove oil nutmeg cinnamon basil and bay leaf. Elena reached out to me awhile back and introduced Yoni Nectar as an alternative treatment option for womens sexual health including vaginal dryness pain and infection. Thyme is another essential oil which is particularly effective against yeast infections.

When it comes to bacterial vaginosis it contains an excess of harmful bacteria. Naturally the vagina consists of both good and bad bacteria. Women usually suffer from bacterial vaginosis.

For treating and preventing bv home remedies. Some of the benefits of basil essential oil include. The oils must be diluted and should never be applied directly to your skin.

Thieves Oil - antibacterial antifugal anti-infectious antiparasitic strong antiseptic purifier oxygenator and helps reduce mental fatigue. Thyme helps relieve vaginal itching by encouraging natural hormone production and circulation. Frankincense Oil - anti-infectious anti-inflammatory antiseptic immune-stimulant.

Oregano Oil - antibacterial antifugal antiparasitic antiseptic antiviral immune stimulant. Later in the article you will find out why. Clary Sage just smells like a feminine oil too.

Do NOT use these oils straight they must be diluted. One of the main oils in the ClaryCalm blend is Clary Sage. Elena Pellicano is the maker of Yoni Nectar a unique essential oil blend with healing benefits and preventative care for your vagina.

The German or Roman chamomile plant is native to both Europe and Asia. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection in vagina due to bacteria overgrowth. While all essential oils are vitalized by the Divine Feminine some such as oils of rose Jasmine sambac neroli and patchouli are generally viewed as having a more feminine nature than others.

Chamomile is said to uplift moods soothe inflammation and help heal the skin and thus could help with feminine hygiene. To ease or soothe occasional vaginal discomfort simply dilute rosemary essential oil in a carrier oil olive oil coconut oil almond oil etc and apply topically to the vaginal area. It creates an imbalance in the vaginal environment.

So if you have a good nose your sex might benefit from using essential oils. There is no question that women more than men do indeed have a distinct affinity for oils such as these. Essential oils with antiseptic and antibacterial properties may be used to treat vaginal pruritus and thrush as well as leucorrhea.

Clary Sage opens the soul to new possibilities and experiences One of the positive properties of this essential oil is being open-minded. Basic steps in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis include.

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