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Feminine Health Care Tips

Its time for straight talk about vaginal care. How to Maintain Feminine Hygiene.

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Washing with water and a plain soap should be all you need to keep your vagina healthy.

Feminine health care tips

Feminine health care tips

In fact these extra measures might. Its normal for the vagina to have a scent. Taking care of ourselves includes caring for our vaginal health too.

Eating a wide range of healthy foods can help to promote better health for you overall and it might also improve your feminine hygiene. Its more about just letting your skin breathe and do its own thing rather than introducing foreign products like perfumes and douches which mess with the delicate pH balance. Eat right control your weight and exercise.

That said no matter how clean and healthy a womans vagina is it will always have a distinct smell thats natural and innate. The female body is very complex and requires care when it comes to hygiene. Rinse your external genitals with warm water and use only a mild soap if necessary.

Foods that are processed or high in sugar may contribute to infections and other issues with your vaginal flora. Add in some Kegel exercises and yoga asanas to keep your vagina strong and flexible. Eat a well-balanced diet to maintain good health in general.

The phrase feminine hygiene belongs in the trash alongside your last soiled dental dam or tampon. Eat probiotics like yogurt kimchi sauerkraut to keep the vaginal pH balance intact. So douching or using harsh cleaners or soaps can disrupt your natural pH balance and can irritate your vagina and wash away good bacteria.

When it comes to vaginal health its crucial for women to pay attention. That could be a condom dental dam or gloves. Maintaining hygiene down there is not a cumbersome process really.

And the good news is you dont need any sort of spray heavily scented soap or douche to clean up down there. It self-cleans and naturally produces some discharge that helps get rid of germs and bacteria from your body. But that doesnt mean vagina owners shouldnt prioritize the health of their genitals.

Here are 11 things gynecologists really want you to know. Dont clean your vulva with anything special and dont clean your vagina at all. Avoid douches scented soaps and feminine hygiene products.

Unnecessary antibiotic use can significantly reduce vaginal health says Anil. Not only is this good for your whole body. She encourages women to do the following.

Your vagina knows how to take care of itself. Hence it is important to know the easy ways of maintaining feminine hygiene. Here are a few tips to staying safe.

Thats because antibiotics dont discriminatethey kill off both good and bacteria which can then change the. Your vulva consists of your. When it comes to feminine hygiene its important for women of all ages to be very meticulous and consistent with maintaining the cleanliness of their hoo haa.

Its good for your sexual organs too. You might be one of them or even if youre not this. One of the best and easiest things you can do for vaginal health is practice safer sex.

Go for whole body health. Vaginal odour can change at different times of the reproductive cycle and shouldnt always be thought of as being a sign of infection or illness says Dr Elneil. Studies show that almost 48 of the women including adolescents did not practice feminine hygiene.

Never attempt to clean inside the vagina.

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