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Ragdoll Cat Health

They should be offered more than one meal at different times. As in case of most of the other cat breeds Ragdoll cats too are prone to certain health problems.

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If you are thinking to get a pedigree cat then you should know all about ragdoll cat.

Ragdoll cat health

Ragdoll cat health

To give a Ragdoll cat a good healthy diet they should be fed 6 small meals a day. Hairballs due to a long coat. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

Adopting a Cat from Ragdoll Rescue or a Shelter. Lets take a quick look at what every owner should know about the health of the ragdoll breed. The Ragdoll cat is an all-around best buddy to just about everyone.

There are however several health condition all potential owners should make themselves aware of. If your Ragdoll cat is suffering from other health problems you may want to consider mixing foods to give them a balanced diet. See Activity Level for information on how to determine optimal body condition for your Ragdoll.

The undercoat can tangle easily making life uncomfortable for the cat. Urinary tract infections are one of the most common diseases for Ragdoll cats. Urinary tract issues such as bladder stones.

Due to years of inbreeding a genetic susceptibility to certain health conditions has occurred. HCM causes the hearts. Ragdoll Cat Breed information Is the Ragdoll Cat is right for you.

Large mats and tangles will make the cat uncomfortable if its in an area pressing against him. Grooming Issues with a Ragdoll Cat. The mats of fur can also irritate the skin because the fur traps oils and dirt between the mat and the skin.

The Importance of Feeding Your Ragdoll Well. As with all cats it is important to give your cat fresh clean water daily so they dont hesitate to drink. However they need adequate preventative medicine as well as essential care maintenance to maintain good health and behavior.

It is important not to allow your Ragdoll to become obese. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a form of heart disease. The ragdoll cat is generally a very healthy and sturdy breed of cat.

Ragdoll Cat Health Issues. This can lead to serious health issues such as diabetes. Ragdoll cats are so named because of their ability to lie limp or completely relaxed when they are picked up similar to carrying a doll.

If you are interested in acquiring an adult cat instead of a kitten ask breeders about purchasing a retired show or breeding cat or if they know of an adult cat who needs a new home. The Ragdoll is a relatively healthy breed with just a few known health issues. With positive reinforcement Ragdoll cats learn quickly and can pick up tricks as well as good behaviors such as using a scratching post.

This will help prevent obesity. Its pretty obvious why its important to feed your cat properly. Below are a few of the common issues that Ragdoll cats may face.

In general Ragdoll cats have very good health and a life span lasting between 10 and 15 years. Go through this article for information about some of the common diseases in Ragdoll cats. Weve all heard the saying You are what you eat and understand the consequences of overeating and bad diet in humans and cats are no different.

Docile sweet and happy to relax for a good cuddle session the loving Ragdoll will even. Your Ragdoll will likely exhibit symptoms if they have a urinary tract infection which might include. Constant desire to urinate but difficulty to do so.

While not a troublesome health issue ragdoll cats long coat will need daily brushing. With an adult cat you know more about what youre getting in terms of personality and health. In this article youll get to know about the Breed Information grooming tips diet Facts and health care coat and discover if Ragdoll cat is right for you.

Ragdoll cats are susceptible to certain health problems due to their genetics. Its the most common heart disease in all cats but is more prevalent in certain breeds including the Ragdoll. If a Ragdoll sounds like a furry bundle of joy youre right.

ADVERTISEMENT They are usually relaxed happy friendly quiet and loving cats who enjoy cuddling. They love their human familieseven childrenand will get along with other pets fairly well.

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