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Cat Health Problems Signs

This is part of the normal aging process but it can also be a sign of illness such as cataracts. Strange lumps or bumps.

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The initial signs of this disease are similar to that of a number of other feline diseases including diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

Cat health problems signs

Cat health problems signs

Most cats with pancreatitis exhibit non-specific or vague symptoms. Gums should be pink. Unusual body odor lack of energy difficulty eating or swallowing unexplained lameness that doesnt improve.

Appetite loss or unintentional weight loss. Lumps or bumps that increase in size sores that dont heal or bleeding or other discharge from the mouth nose or anus. Proactively checking for cat health problems is an excellent way to keep track of your cats body condition.

A few symptoms that may mean your cat has eye problems include watery eyes tear-stained fur cloudiness red or white eyelid linings gunk in the corners of the eye squinting pawing at the eye. Excessive thirst and urination followed by weight loss and vomiting. This is what makes this medical condition in cats difficult to diagnose.

Happily these infections are cat-specific so your cat doesnt pose a risk to your children. When you live with a pet day in and day out it can be difficult to pick up on subtle changes in. When severe cats may lose teeth drop food from their mouths and suffer weight loss due to difficulty eating.

Aging cats are susceptible to dental issues like gum disease and feline tooth resorption a disease in which teeth dissolve at the roots. In contrast as a cat ages the eyes tend to look more cloudy or hazy. Take your cat to the vet immediately if you notice any of these warning signs.

Untreated ear problems are painful and can cause hearing loss. Teeth should be free of tartar or plaque. StockSnap Top 4 Signs of Cat Aging.

Signs of Common Cat Health Problems - Cat Care- as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This condition causes damage to the pancreas and the liver as well. They may also be a sign of youth.

Your vet can examine your cats eyes to determine whether or not its age related or illness related. Weight Loss andor Decline in Body Condition. To improve your cats quality of life pay attention to the signs of cat aging.

Changes in breathing like wheezing rapid breathing shortness of breath and raspy breathing should never be ignored. The Maine Coon Siamese and Balinese Abyssinian Russian Blue Burmese and Persians tend to have a higher incidence of problems. I am the owner and founder.

Runny eyes or nose. Or difficulty breathing urinating or defecating. 10 Most Common Cat Health Problems 10.

Hello my name is Dr. Mouth and lips should be free of sores or growths. WebMD provides comprehensive cat health information covering a wide variety of symptoms affecting your pet.

Learn the signs of a cat in good health as well as abnormalities that you should consult your veterinarian on. Other signs of dental problems in your cat are discolored red or swollen gums ulcers on the gums or tongue loose teeth excessive drooling or constant pawing at the mouth area. Here are some signs that your cat might be experiencing one of these common senior cat problems.

If the signs are very mild see your regular veterinarian as soon as possible. Common symptoms may include. The 10th condition most commonly treated in cats are upper respiratory tract infections such as cat flu or even the common cat cold.

A common health problem found in cats is pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas. If your cat is not breathing normally it may be best to go to an emergency clinic. Lets look at the 4 most common and significant signs of aging in cats.

Sneezing panting runny eyes and nose gasping or shortness of breath may be signs of respiratory problems. Difficulty or reluctance to try jumping or climbing.

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