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Immune Boosting Smoothie For Kids

Fruit thats high in vitamins preferably frozen. Vitamin C The apples in this immune boosting smoothie give your kiddo a much-needed boost of vitamin C.

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Their cough syrup has a sweet taste honey is one of the ingredients.

Immune boosting smoothie for kids

Immune boosting smoothie for kids

Then we used the blender to smooth-ify and voila a tasty smoothie loaded with immune boosters done in minutes. These include almonds ginger citrus fruits leafy greens yoghurt and fresh herbs. Green flowering vegetables that include kale cabbage and broccoli are considered cruciferous vegetables.

Lastly and most importantly we put two teaspoons of Matys Cough Syrup in the mix to take this immune boosting recipe to the next level. These healthy smoothies contain two or more of the nutrients that their immune system needs to function properlyprotein vitamins A C and E and zinc. Fruit-filled smoothies are a great way to help your kids get nutrients that keep their bodies healthy especially during cold and flu season when we could all use a little boost.

And if your kids are picky eaters like mine smoothies are a great way to ensure theyre getting the nutrition they need. Boost your immune system with these smoothie ingredients. Smoothies are packed with many of the vitamins minerals and other nutrients your immune system needs to stay strong.

Smoothies are wonderful for the immune system. You can even freeze the smoothie and make it an ice pop. There are 3 main ingredients that youll need for making an immune boosting smoothie.

Super C Immune Boosting Smoothie Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Nutritionist Lynell Ross the founder and managing editor of Zivadream an education advocacy website dedicated to helping people improve their lives created this immune-boosting smoothie for us. Vitamin A helps produce healing enzymes which help protect the body from infection 1. 1 cup milk of choice 1 tbsp ground flax meal.

Mango offers 75 mg of vitamin C 83 percent DV 112 mcg of vitamin A 124. 2 Baked Beans Iron Zinc. There are certain ingredients that are recommended as a way to boost your immunity to illness.

Use food as your natural medicine. Raw ginger can be a little spicy for kids to handle so hiding it in small quantities in vegetarian dishes or making a drink sweetened with honey can help. Banana yogurt or nut butter to add a creamy texture.

If your kid doesnt mind avocado they are great on a turkey sandwich or in place of mayo in egg salad. Blending cruciferous veggies in a blender for a smoothie breaks the cell walls that cause a chemical reaction. Carrots leafy greens bell peppers These vegetables have high levels of vitamin A.

Strawberries kiwi papaya or mango Fortified dairy for vitamin D Adequate vitamin D helps protect against flu and other infections. If your kids dont like guacamole you can mix in an avocado with a smoothie and theyll never know the difference. Ginger has anti-inflammatory anti-cancer anti-nausea and immune boosting power.

Want to reduce your chances of getting sick. Not All Smoothies Are Created Equal. Here are 6 immunity boosting smoothies you MUST TRY.

This produces a substance called isothiocyanates which have been proven to have powerful immune boosting effects. This smoothie from Kara Lydon Nutrition is packed with immune-supporting fruits like blueberries mango and orange. Thanks to a half cup vanilla yogurt and two scoops of Healthy Height Vanilla Shake Mix your childs smoothie is as tasty as it is healthy.

Milk or juice for liquid. To sweeten your smoothie opt for fruits like pineapple citrus and berries that are high in vitamin C which is crucial to immune function. The protective effects of ginger are well known in traditional medicine.

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